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Mandated Reporter Training Online

A Comprehensive Online Training Solution for Mandated Reporters of Child Abuse

Mandated Reporter Academy features the iLookOut for Child Abuse online training course as part of a complete solution for delivering, managing and certifying mandated reporters in your organization. iLookOut for Child Abuse was developed by experts and researchers at the Penn State Center for Child Protection and is licensed for use by Mandated Reporter Academy.

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Key Features

  • Experiential Learning:  iLookOut is interactive with a video-based storyline that immerses learners in realistic scenarios, challenging them to make decisions on how to respond to possible abuse. This approach fosters critical thinking, emotional engagement, and practical application of knowledge.
  • Focused Learning Objectives: After completing the course, mandated reporters will know how to recognize possible child abuse and how to carryout their responsibilities if they do.
  • Certification: After successfully completing the course, mandated reporters will complete an assessment and earn a certificate. The certificate will be part of a manageable record inside Mandated Reporter Academy.
  • Evidence-Based Efficacy: Penn State conducted rigorous research studies and real-world trials that demonstrated the significant positive impact of iLookOut on mandated reporter knowledge and attitudes.  
  • Compliance: The course's legal and policy-related content is customized to comply with specific state requirements, making iLookOut suitable for use across various jurisdictions.
  • Online Learning Platform: Administrators can manage compliance by enrolling learners, tracking progress and generating reports from an easy-to-use learning management system. 

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After completing the iLookOut course, mandated reporters will:

  • Understand and recognize possible child abuse
    • What does and what does not constitute child abuse
    • How and where abuse occurs
    • Risk factors for abuse
    • Signs and symptoms of abuse
    • Consequences of abuse
    • Strategies and resources for responding to suspected abuse
  • Understand their responsibilities as a mandated reporter of child abuse
    • Legal responsibilities
    • Steps for carrying out these responsibilities
    • Consequences of failing to report suspected abuse
    • Legal immunity so long as the report is made in good faith

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Future Training Courses

Beyond the core iLookOut for Child Abuse course required for mandated reporter training compliance, Mandated Reporter Academy plans future courses including gamified microlearning refresher lessons, Spanish and other language versions, and Advanced Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting courses.

In addition, customized versions are in development for volunteer youth organizations, medical professionals, mental health and social workers, law enforcement, clergy, and other specialized groups. Additionally, a timely course that addresses substance use disorder’s impact on child abuse is in development.

Mandated Reporter Academy also plans related webinars and online workshops led by subject matter experts.